CMI Concord mediates among negotiating parties, helping them resolve complex disputes and/or capitalize on extraordinary opportunities. We work impartially on behalf of all parties, not as partisan advisors to one party. Each party retains exclusive authority to make their own decisions. Each party uses legal counsel and other advisors as they deem appropriate.

We help parties establish an effective working relationship and understand thoroughly the interests of everyone involved. We use a collaborative process that enables the parties to craft value optimizing, fair solutions. Each party retains full discretion to accept or reject the results and may terminate the mediation at any time after consultation with us.

Much of CMI Concord's mediation work is confidential. The following general examples illustrate past engagements. We have mediated or facilitated

  • merger, acquisition and joint venture negotiations among major health care insurers and providers.
  • the involuntary merger of multiple disparate hospital systems as ordered by a ministry of health.
  • labor contracts, internal factional conflicts, and working relationships within educational institutions, religious communities, and corporate executive teams.
  • unprecedented collaboration among religious and educational institutions, trade association members and economic alliance partners.