CMI Concord Group helps its clients manage complex negotiations. By negotiation we mean any communication for the purpose of persuasion. We work with our clients to focus their aspirations, define their goals, develop their strategies, align their organizations, analyze their most important negotiations, enhance their key relationships, and work collaboratively with others to achieve results.

CMI Concord's partners have decades of experience working with Howard Raiffa, Bill Ury and the late Roger Fisher as colleagues at the Harvard Negotiation Project and partners or collaborators of their predecessor firms Conflict Management, Inc. and Conflict Management Group. Each CMI Concord partner and senior professional acquired their experience by advising, preparing, and coaching organizational leaders and their negotiators, teaching negotiation, creating multimedia instructional materials, and mediating disputes using the principled, interest-based process pioneered at the Harvard Negotiation Project.

As advisors and coaches, CMI Concord helps its clients prepare for, conduct, continuously improve, and get results from their negotiations, both internal and external. As mediators, we help the negotiators of multiple parties interact effectively to capture the optimal benefit of any transaction that makes sense. As teachers, we develop our clients' individual and organizational awareness, knowledge, skill and effectiveness as negotiators by offering courses tailored to their specific context and using the negotiations of the individual participants in each session as instructional material.

In all of these settings we enable our clients to achieve results more valuable than they ever thought possible, even in their most difficult negotiations. CMI Concord's approach, which developed out of the interest-based process of the Harvard Negotiation Project, integrates ongoing innovations from our own research, the insights of our clients and of investigators in many fields related to negotiation, and the work of our Harvard colleagues at the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative. For more information about our services, our heritage, our clients, our results and our professionals, we invite you to browse through our website. If you would like to explore working with CMI Concord, please call or email. We would be pleased to talk with you.